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Women are not alone in their love of sex toys. Men also enjoy adult toys, and there is a growing body of evidence that suggests that using sex toys can not only enhance a man’s sex life, but the use of toys can also allow a man to enjoy a happier life and enhance his virility well into his golden years. According to research, the male body requires regular orgasm to maintain the health of his sperm. Sex toys can also be quite fun, not only filling the gap when you are “between” partners, but also bringing a new level of excitement to your bedroom antics. Many couples enjoy using sex toys together. There are a wide variety of sex toys on the market to choose from, although most men find that they have more than one favorite. In fact, the toys below are a must for the male adult toy box.

Prostate Stimulators

Many of the anal toys on the market today are made for one purpose: stimulating the prostate. The prostate is the gland within the body that is responsible for carrying the fluid that transports the sperm when a man ejaculates. Oftentimes, the prostate gland is referred to as the p-spot or the male g-spot. A male prostate massager can be a prostate vibe, or even a prostate probe or anal probe. The aim of these toys is to make finding the prostate easier, and to massage or stimulate the prostate when you find it. In the majority of men, orgasm can occur as a result of a prostate massage.

Masturbation Sleeves

The masturbation sleeve is a basic adult toy, and is a common first toy among men. This toy is easy to use and relatively inexpensive, even for the “best” sleeves on the market. Most masturbation sleeves are made of silicone or jelly that stretches to accommodate different sizes. Simply add a quality lubricant and glide the sleeve up and down on your shaft. It is a good toy for using in the shower, which may be a good idea when using shorter sleeves, since they tend to cause a mess, especially if your penis is longer than the sleeve.

Closed End Male Masturbator

The closed end male masturbator is stretchy and typically made of jelly. This type of toy is actually crafted to simulate the feeling of oral sex by gently “sucking” on the penis as you move it up and down. As you slide the penis in, suction chambers release air, creating a vacuum that makes it feel like you are the recipient of fellatio.

"Pocket Pussy”

The pocket pussy is another must-try toy for any man looking to experiment with sex toys. This type of toy has a tunnel that is much like a vagina that you insert your penis in. Then you just move the toy up and down, squeezing and relaxing it until it is the right tightness for you. Many pocket pussies are made from realistic-feeling Cyberskin or Futurotic skin, which is a lifelike type of material that makes the toy feel more like the real thing.

Love Dolls or Partial Dolls

The full size love doll is no longer the taboo “blow up” doll that you might have seen given as a gag gift for stag night. In fact, many of the love dolls on the market are quite beautiful and look so real that you will be able to indulge your every fantasy on a willing partner, any time, around the clock. Most have three “love holes” to use and abuse at will, including the mouth, vagina, and anus, that are ribbed or otherwise enhanced with nubs to make the experience all the more realistic. There are also partial dolls, such as a vagina and ass only, that are life size and usually molded directly from the body of some porn star, recreating her essential parts in intricate detail. These partial dolls can be used in any variety of places, and the best part may be (for some men), when you’re through with her, you can put her back in her box and not hear from her again until you’re ready for more. No need to wine her and dine her and she won’t text you ten times a day.

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