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Beginners Guide to Bunny Vibrators

rabbit vibratorThe World famous bunny vibrator

Perhaps the bunny vibrator owes the bulk of its popularity to the Sex and the City character, Charlotte, whose rabbit vibe was introduced on the show as her boyfriend. For all intents and purposes, a vibrator, especially a bunny vibe, can replace at least the sexual act of having a partner. Bunny vibrators are also called rabbit vibrators because they have two little bunny “ears” that are mounted on the side of the vibrator and that work to stimulate the clitoris. These vibes provide triple benefits because they stimulate the clitoris, vagina, and the g-spot, all at one time.

Construction of Bunny Vibe

The bunny vibrator features a shaft with an attachment that is shaped in the form of a rabbit’s ears, although other vibes with the same concept provide about the same level of stimulation, like a dolphin vibe, for example. The base of the vibrator’s shaft is typically lined with beads or pearls that massage the walls of the vagina, while the shaft stimulates the g-spot. The most typical material used for rabbit vibrators is silicone or soft jelly, although some may be made of ABS plastic. Some ABS plastic vibes are often coated with material that is crafted to feel more like the human skin of the penis. Some vibes are shaped much like a penis, and some may even have realistic penis coloring, veins and all!

Size and Shape

The rabbit vibrator can be found in nearly any size and shape, from small to big or even jumbo sized. There are also differing levels of technology that are used in creating this type of vibrator. Some are quite rudimentary and may feature just one speed while others may be more intricately designed and perform an array of functions from pulse to vibe to escalate. Nearly all rabbit vibrators are waterproof, so that you can use them in the shower, hot tub, or pool, and this also makes cleaning them up a bit easier, too. Interestingly, the rabbit vibrator in Japan is actually shaped like a bunny because Japanese law states that no item can be manufactured in Japan with a phallic or penis shape.

How to Use a Rabbit Vibrator

A rabbit vibrator is usually counted among most women’s favorite sex toys, and with no wonder. It does a lot of work. Using your rabbit vibe is easy. Just insert the shaft into your vagina (use your favorite lube) and turn the vibes up or down as you desire until you find just the right speed for you. Some rabbit vibes allow for different functioning of the ears on the toy. If this is the case for you toy, you can choose one speed for the shaft and internal stimulation and a separate speed for the rabbit ears. You can also turn the toy around to where the shaft is still inside you but the ears of the toy are stimulating your anus and perineum instead of your clitoris.

Choosing Your Rabbit Vibrator

Although most rabbit vibes look a lot alike, there can be big differences in each one. This is especially true when it comes to the quality of the vibe’s motor and the strength of the vibrations that the toy puts out. Price alone cannot be an indicator of quality, although it is true (many times, at least) that you do get “what you pay for”. As a rule of thumb, reading reviews of vibrators that others have tried, or going with a top selling rabbit vibe from your favorite toy retailer is a good way to find a quality vibrator that you will actually use.

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