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Be Gentle But Continue to Play

Everyone is different in the bedroom. Some people have no inhibitions while other people have many inhibitions. After one or two times of making love with a new partner you will be able to find out which type of person your partner maybe. Dating and relationships can be funny at times because everyone thinks they can train their new lover to be the best lover they have had. This is really only the case when people have mutual respect and a true bond of love. Many people want to change their sexual habits but like all habits, this can be difficult without a little persistence and practice.

Most people are fairly timid in the bedroom when they are first involved in a relationship. Very seldom will a person find their ideal sex match the first time around. As your relationship grows so can your sexual experiences, if you play your cards right.

Start off slowly introducing new sex techniques and be patient with your lover. Not every new sex technique or position will be acceptable to your new lover. At first introducing new sex techniques can be awkward at times. A good opening to explore is when the mood is more playful and maybe not so intimate. You will understand; there are times your lover will want an intimate sexual moment with you and there are times that your lover only wants to be pounded hard in every which way in order for them to achieve their sexual orgasm.

Don’t be afraid to buy a vibrator. After awhile you will be able to introduce the right sexual love making toy. One sex technique that women love is to use a clit stimulating vibrator on your lover clitoris while you position your mouth and tongue for a feast upon her luscious vagina. In a matter of moments this technique will have your lover wet and squirming for more action. One vibrator that fits this bill nicely is the Rocks Off Mini Mates 10 speed Jive. There is even a slight contour to the tip that you can use to find your lovers G-spot too.

Maybe a nice anal training kit like the Wendy Williams Anal Training Kit that contains three various sized butt plugs that will gently stretch your lover rectum until they are comfortable with even taking your large manhood deep inside them. Or you can try the Mood-Kinky anal Beads and Clitorial Stimulator. This vibrator is very versatile and can please your partner in many ways. Simply insert the beads into your lover’s rectum and the further they creep inside the closer the clit stimulator gets to her clitoris. Once fully inserted the beads and clit stimulator will have gushing over your new sex ideas.

Remember that every person wants to find the best sex partner they can. Be open-minded and adventurous but above all be gentle and take new sex ideas slowly.

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