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Are Guitarists Really the Sex Gods They’re Made Out to Be?

sun-brianEver since rock music became popular, it has been an aspiration of many men to become rock stars of epic proportions. Such desire of turning into a guitar wielding God also stems from the potential benefits that come with it.

We all know how famous musicians get to lay the best of the women. However, I often used to wonder why is it that guitarists in particular are considered great in bed?

Pick up any music tabloid, music news channel, music website or music magazine, you will find some piece on a popular guitarist, with most average looks, cosying up to a new girl every day. What’s there in guitarists that draws women to them in swarms, regardless of their intelligence level, looks, background or age? Are guitarists really great in bed or are these all just some cooked up stories?

People give all sorts of justifications related to sexual prowess of guitarists. Three of the most popular arguments I have heard are as follows:

1. A guitar is a complicated instrument and it takes an accomplished human being to create beautiful music from it. How a guitarist handles his instrument, sometimes rough and sometimes gentle, to make certain sounds is a lot like how a man should treat a woman’s body. Guitarists know exactly how much pressure to put on strings in order to make the guitar sound like they want it to. In a similar manner, they also know exactly which all places to focus on in a woman’s body to create the desired responses. Their minds are always at ease, going with the flow and the same trait translates into their excellent skills in bed.

2. Women normally prefer men who are always in charge of situations. Talking about guitarists, they are usually at the forefront of bands and direct the flow of songs. Any woman who goes home with the front-runner of a band who is cheered on by the entire crowd may automatically feel turned on by the fact that of all the people, he selected her. Even if he ends up being an average Joe in bed, just knowing that he selected her over all other women is good enough.

3. Another reason often given to justify guitarists’ prowess in bed is that they get to pick the best of women and normally have long-term experience handling women’s bodies. They get to practice their sexual skills day in and day out. Please keep in mind that no guitarist starts off as the male sex God. He turns into one only after getting his fair share of practice in bed. So, women feel great about the idea of getting pleased by someone who knows his art. I’m no one to claim whether these reasons are all valid or not. I have never gone to bed with a guitarist, but honestly, I think it wouldn’t matter to me a lot if he’d be great in bed or not. Just the thought of making out with someone who is considered a star by many is in itself a huge turn on for women!

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