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A Sexy Costume Party

mNxewpAxAR6kQhUyGEgTBpwReader Story: Kate shares her thoughts on costume parties

Every year my friends throw a costume party, and always with a theme. Last year's was The Swinging Sixties, and you were not allowed through the door without a costume. I'm not crafty, or good with thrift stores, so I needed a costume that would be ready made. I knew that a lot of people would pick the route of hippies or poodle skirts, but I wanted something a little sexier.

Luckily, I knew just where to go. I've gotten everything online  from vibrators to lube and lingerie. Last month I picked out a couple pairs of sheer thigh high stockings, a bustier with a matching thong, and a feather tickler. You wouldn't believe the incredible prices I got, much less than what I found at the stores.

I went straight for the lingerie section. Now there is  quite a selection online, and a ton of costumes that are probably meant for role-playing, but I knew I would find something there that would be perfect for the Swinging Sixties party.

The Perfect Outfit

It took me a while to find it, but only because I kept getting distracted by other outfits and lingerie. I loved the look of this Miss Mod costume - click here. And best of all it came in a bunch of sizes, all the way up to 4X, so it was easy for me to find what I needed. I loved the look of this costume, and knew I had to have it.

When I walked into the party I could feel all eyes turn on me, as I definitely looked a lot sparklier and stylish than most of the girls there. It's not that I'm usually so catty, but my ex was there with a sluttily dressed date, and you definitely don't show up to a party looking less than your best in that type of situation.

Most of the girls there were dressed in flowery, flowing hippie dresses, or prim and proper poodle skirts. But I walked in wearing a silver polka dotted lurex dress that stretched across my body with a sexy scooped back. I also had gloves and big sunglasses, plus my hair teased up and placed back in a band. Best of all the package came with all of that, and all I had to do was add my own boots. I was comfortable all night, and even won a prize.

I love shopping online. It's the only place I know of where I can get a vibrator, a princess costume, a whip, and some batteries, all at the same place. I can't wait for next year's party, my gf says she's thinking about a "uniform" theme, and I can't wait to pick between a naughty cop or a camo wearing soldier!

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