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A New Technique That Will Pleasure Your Partner

pleasing-partnerKeeping your sex life where you want it to be can be a chore at times, but don’t be worried, because you are not alone on this boat. Every couple has their ups and downs at times and that may cause some difficulties in other areas of their lives, but their love life must gel for them to continue to live the time on this world they have in the manner they deserve! There are no short cuts to sexual happiness but there are many paths that you can take to make it the best you have ever had! As the old saying goes Variety is the Spice of Life and variety in your love sessions will change the sparkle in your eye to a full blown star light. Given that most couples get into a sort of routine after being together for a while the best thing that you can do is to change things up once in a while. Give them something new that you know the two of you have not tried before and you may be surprised at the results such a small thing can produce over the rest of your time together.

There are many ways to change your love meetings, from using some of the thousands of sex toys available to getting into the game of role playing or just trying some new positions and techniques to expand the excitement that is created when the two of you get frisky. Although there are many medical experts that will gladly, for the money, give you advice on the subject how can you be sure that they know what they are talking about? Anyway in our opinion we feel that with a little time and research on the internet you can find a way or a device that can fulfil the gap in your sex life that you want to close. The way we see it is that you will be able to come up with something, with your intimate knowledge of each other that will spark the flame you are looking for. Sex is around for two reasons, of course to create life, but something we get more often is the joy and fulfilment of loving the person we are with and the selfish reason of giving ourselves the pleasure of participating in the act of love. So all we have to do is keep ourselves happy and the rest will come naturally.

One thing you might try is to switch up your normal sexual positions and try something that might set off some different feelings that neither of you have felt before. The body, as well as we know it, can surprise us sometimes and give us something that we had not received from our body before. And in the realm of sex they are generally a good surprise and tend to make you want more to enrich your understanding of your body. In many cases just changing positions can bring a whole new meaning too your love making. As a male there is not a lot that can be changed in the sensational feeling of an orgasm, other than methods of getting to that point, but with the ladies they have the privilege of a couple of options, and you have to know how and where they can be stimulated to give her the eye popping knee bending orgasm she wants and deserves!

Different positions allow your penis to stimulate different areas of the vagina and the clitoris area. While the clitoris is the most sensitive the G-spot is another source of orgasm producing nerve endings, and there are sexual positions that target that area specifically. One called the hot seat or man chair can bring extreme pleasure to the famous G-spot area and leave a lot of the control up to her. The position is simple, don’t have to be an acrobat, it just needs for the man to sit on the edge of the bed or chairs with his feet on the floor and for her to back up between his legs and sit on him between his legs. This gives her the ease of rocking back and forth or up and down and applying friction to her G-spot as she feels and enables her to control the movement and depth of penetration. With the simple move of arching her back she can change the angle of penetration and add more pleasure to both of your experience. Hopefully with practice you both will become experts and live happily ever after! Good Loving too you all!!!

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