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A Guide to Types of Male Sex Toys

For the old fashioned guy, or the sex toy virgin, it can be intimidating to click on to a site and choose a toy at random. There are a lot to choose from, and the different categories can be confusing to someone new to the world of sex toys. Cock Rings and Enhancers:. Designed to fit snugly over a male's penis at the base, a cock ring will also help to delay ejaculation, making for an extra long session in the sac. Perfect for men with erectile dysfunction, they can help stave off embarrassing mid performance let downs, and restore confidence. However many of the men that use cock rings have no problems with erectile dysfunction and use these rings purely to enhance their size and performance. They are a favourite with women too, and not just because they enhance the size of their partners member. Many cock rings feature an added vibrating nub at the base that rubs against her clitoris with each thrust, making sex extra enjoyable.

Love Dolls: While still a favourite at bachelor parties, inflatable dolls have come a long way over the years. The love dolls of today are highly detailed, and while most of them are inflatable, they usually feature a material like Sil-A-Gel that feels surprisingly realistic. Some are modelled after popular celebrities, while others will help any man fulfill a secret desire for heavy women, be with another man, or even try out a popular bachelor party gift like a blow up sheep such as the Erotic Love Ewe.

Masturbators: Most men are experts at masturbating, and so it may come as a surprise to many that there are toys that can do an even better job at it than their hand. Commonly called strokers, these toys come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Offering different shaped openings they mimic oral, vaginal, or anal intercourse. More intricate strokers are surrounded by a lifelike torso for a more realistic experience, and some will even vibrate for an extra special masturbatory sensation.

Penis Enlargers and Pumps: While few will admit to it, most guys would love to add an extra inch or two. Despite what all those emails promise, there is a safer and easier way to increase penis size without the aid of pills or surgery. With the use of either an enlarger, or a pump, it's a simple process to increase the overall length and girth of the penis.

With so many types of male sex toys available there is something for every man, and a way to enhance almost any experience. Whether masturbating with a stroker or a love doll, ,or perhaps enjoying a toy with a lover, sex toys can make everything much more fun.




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