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A Beginner’s Guide to Sex Toys

cv-1686650008Despite having been around for hundreds of years, sex toys are considered a novelty and are gaining popularity only now. Some studies carried out by research groups have revealed that the proportion of men and women purchasing sex toys is a reasonably even split with 48% being male and 52% being female consumers. This is a short beginner’s guide for all the people who are new to sex toys and wish to try them for improving their sexual lives, for the first time.

What type of sex toy should I start with?

This is the most commonly asked question by people new to sex toys. These toys come in all types of varieties: female and male sex pumps, strap-ons, vibrators, love dolls, cock rings, dildos and anal sex toys to name a few. In case you want some sort of penetrative sex toy which has a certain degree of flexibility, a jelly dildo may be the perfect pick. Then there are non-penetrative sex toys like cock rings which are created with rubber or silicon, enabling men to prolong their erections and to help them improve sexual satisfaction achieved by both themselves and their partners. Cock rings also come in many varieties.

Size and cost are important

Other important considerations are the size and cost of the sex toy. It is better to start small and slowly work your way up to large size sex toys, once you have gained some experience. To give you an example, many vibrators are perfect for mind blowing clitoral orgasms, and are also small enough to be easily transported almost anywhere. There is no point spending a huge amount of money on your first sex toy, if you are even slightly unsure about its benefits. Small size vibrators start from anywhere around $8; cock rings can be purchased for as less as $5 and dildos cost anywhere from $20 and upwards.

Make use of sexual lubricants

Anyone who is new to penetrative sex toys, must use some good quality sexual lubricant. This is all the more important in case of anal sex toys as neither rectum no anus produces its own lubrication. Hence, it is important to use some good anal lubricant for pleasurable use of an anal sex toy. You can even consider buying some good quality anal spray or gel which is specifically meant for conditioning the tissues surrounding anus. Purchase of anal finger stimulators may also be a great idea if you are new to anal sex. Not only are these inexpensive and small, but are usually made up of soft silicon, making the penetration both comfortable and easy. Click here for our lubricants

Buy some good quality sex toy cleaner

After you have purchased your first sex toy, you must also spend a little on some good quality sex toy cleaner. Although inexpensive, this additional item must be used after every use of sex toy, in order to keep it clean. Sex toy cleaners which are anti-bacterial, effective and safe help significantly in prevention of bacteria and germs, thereby improving the durability of the sex toy. Click here for our sex toy cleaners

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