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6 Ways To Boost Your Bedroom Confidence

bedroom confidenceMany of us are not comfortable in our own bodies, and as a result when it comes to the bedroom we tend to shy away and hold back from unleashing what we really want. This just leads to depriving yourself and your partner of what you both want, which can lead to an unhealthy relationship. To gain control of your bedside manner here are a few ways to boost your confidence:

Express Yourself Every person is their own worst critic, and when it comes to sex many of us are extra harsh or judgmental on ourselves. We often fear that what we fantasize about doing in the bedroom may come across strange or perverted to our partners. Out of fear we don’t bring it up and end up depriving ourselves of what we crave. This fear and doubt can cultivate confidence issues.

Expressing yourself will set you free, it will feel liberating and give you a boost of confidence – you will feel empowered and in control of your own sexuality.

Exposing yourself to more sex knowledge will eventually make you more comfortable expressing your own needs and desires. Watching porn, reading articles about sex and familiarizing yourself with the idea will make you more immune to what you judge as a taboo topic.

Know Yourself Unless you know what you want and what makes you feel better, you will never get an understanding of what makes you comfortable and satisfied. As many women do not experience reaching that big-O, many women find themselves losing the passion and the urge. It is rather complex, but knowing how to reach your climax will help you become more interested in the act of sex. If there’s a will, there’s a way. Find a way on how to give yourself that pleasure – whether with your partner or alone. A great way to explore yourself is by trying different sex toys, thanks to the sitcom “Sex and the City” more and more women are getting to know themselves better with the trusty rabbit.

Look The Part Being sexual takes more than feeling the part, looking the part is a great confidence booster. Try wearing some sexy lingerie for that steamy night you’re planning, even when your partner doesn’t notice, knowing that you are wearing something hot will get you that much needed sexual boost.

Be Your Own Greatest Fan You can’t expect other people to support you if you do not show yourself some worship. A little self-belief is enough to boost your self-respect. Nobody is perfect. So your thighs are a bit flabby and you’ve got that extra hair in some parts of your body? What about that plump bum of yours that he likes? And don’t tell me you don’t know how much your partner likes it when you unconsciously whisper his name during sex? Know your strengths and tell yourself that your strengths are enough to fire things up for your partner.

Be In The Moment You are so worried about pleasing your partner that you lose your own appetite for the act yourself. It is a turn on for your partner when they can see that you are enjoying sex. Stop being so focused on your flaws during sex and rather focus on enjoying the moment, the more you do then the more you will pleasure yourself and your partner. Make the event an occasion for relaxation and self-reward for both of you. Do not stress yourself out trying to accomplish anything other than wanting to feel great.

Unleash Yourself Just like expressing yourself in bed is very liberating, portraying another personality is another way to gain freedom in being comfortable in bed. Imagine that you are one of those Victoria’s Secret models? Then be one! Feel the sexiness of being admired by men and women alike. Walk like you’re on the ramp wearing that sexy lingerie. Stand straight, chin up and allow yourself to overflow with such sexiness. Feel what it is like to be that epitome of sexiness - it will bring you out of your shell. Be whoever you want to be…for a moment live and be that person.

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