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5 Ways Men Secretly Cheat

coffee flirtAre you in an affair that you don’t know about? Unless you and your partner have an open relationship and swinging is part of your weekend ritual – then having sex with someone else is classed as cheating. That includes oral also. Oh and also having sex with a woman who lives in a different town or suburb However there is a shade of grey when it comes to classing something as friendship or infidelity – especially in her book. The truth is that men aren’t as attuned to identifying ambiguous behaviors as cheating as what their girlfriends are, what you consider totally innocent could be her dealbreaker. So fellows to stop you from spending a night in the dog house here are five things you should avoid at all costs.

1. Telling another woman about your relationship troubles This is the biggest mistake any guy can do. Whether you’re complaining about your girlfriend’s habit of leaving dirty dishes in the sink or talking about her disinterest in oral sex —you’re revealing weaknesses in your relationship to another woman. So why is this a problem? Well sharing private and personal information with someone is actually a form of intimacy, your partner will interpret it as a sign of emotional bonding and she will instantly feel threatened.

2. Checking out your ex’s Facebook page: Whether you’re a stalker or have a genuine interest in wondering what she’s up to – never never check her page (well in front of your current GF anyway). If she catches you flipping through summer festival pics or fantasising about the past she will assume the worst. Socially woman are primed to think that men don’t care about emotions, feelings and fluffy stuff—and that all they care about is sex. So even though she can innocently look at her ex’s photos, she doesn’t think you can – yes guys it is double standards – however for your own best interest stay away from your ex’s FB page.

3. Buying a drink for another woman: No I am not talking about hunting out a woman in the bar and sliding up to her and ordering her a dirty martini. I am talking about the more innocent drink buying, like buying your female co-worker a drink after work. Even though you have no dirty intentions, be warned, because buying a drink for another female can often veer you into dangerous territory. Your better half may assume that you are trying to hit on her. To avoid the drama never buy a drink just for the woman co-worker—always buy drinks for the whole crew, or not at all.

4. Taking a female friend to your 'spot.' : That Japanese sushi bar you and your girlfriend always go to? The organic café where you had your first date? Consider those places off-limits—even if you’re just catching up with your childhood best friend, who happens to be a woman. For starters, since mainstream society can’t comprehend platonic opposite-sex friends, your partner is already primed to be a little suspicious. Then taking another female to your hot spot – well that is just crossing the line.

5. Complimenting another woman’s new haircut or outfit: Guys aren’t known for paying attention to the little things, especially the subtle changes in a woman’s appearance. If you make a comment to another woman then your girlfriend will perceive that as you have a special interest in her. So fellas before you open your mouth, ask yourself: Would I be okay with another guy giving this compliment to my girlfriend? If not, keep your praises to yourself.

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