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5 Important Tips to Make Your Man Go Nuts in Bed

bed-man-womanSex means much more to men than the habit of quickly finishing the act and the momentary pleasure that comes with it. Men love all sorts of things while having sexual intercourse. The more you can tantalise their senses and passion, the more they’ll love it.

In this short article, I’ll tell you about 5 very important tips that can help you deliver some unforgettable sexual moments to your man:

1. Give him your full frontal view – Men simply love women being on top as they can enjoy their full body view. So, don’t hesitate from leaning back while being on top and giving your man a complete full frontal view of your sweaty and sexy body. His libido is simply going to skyrocket after getting treated to that sort of visual experience. In return, you can expect to get your breasts gently massaged, your clit stimulated or whatever else you may want him to do. Trust me he’ll obey! Actually, this particular sexual position is a win-win for both of you.

2. Make missionary sexier – Missionary sexual position can be easily termed as the oldest sex position known to mankind. It’s something which comes naturally to us, but can also get boring after sometime. Why not make missionary sexual position a little sexier?! Lift up your legs and place them on the shoulders of your man. Quite contrary to its appearance, you don’t necessarily need a flexible body to practice this position. By bringing up your legs, you can enjoy deeper penetration of your man’s shaft and experience some thorough and deep sex.

3. Doggy style can be exciting – One of the most liked sexual positions by most men, doggy style sex position is one most of us women are found out of favour with. Although it gives men a deep penetration and heightens their sexual pleasure, we women hardly get any clitoral stimulation. While enjoying the experience of his penis exploring your deepest insides, you can take things in your own hands and rub your clitoris with one of your hands. This way, you’ll get the best of both the worlds!

4. Playing hide and seek helps – I’m not talking about the game literally. What I’m referring to is showing him just enough to get him excited. In addition, the silky feeling of your sexy lingerie is going to make him go completely wild. It will be better if you pin him down just like a cowgirl and allow him a perfect view of his penis getting inside and out a few by lifting up your nightgown slightly.

5. Flex those PC muscles – Exercising your PC muscles is something you just can’t avoid if you are looking for perfect sex for both you and your partner. The easiest method of exercising PC muscles is by holding back your urine flow while peeing. The resulting contraction of the PC muscles provides them strength. You can wait for about five or 10 seconds and then release the pressure. Remember and repeat this exercise every time you go to pee and you’ll soon be squeezing his penis to sexual ecstasy.

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