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4 Types of Younger Men You’d Love to Date

downloadDo you have a thing for younger men? Dating younger men is a phenomenon that is growing pretty rapidly. At present around 30% of women in the over 40 age group prefer dating younger men. There are all sorts of reasons why younger men have a better appeal than their older counterparts. Few of these reasons are: – They’re more fun loving – They have less baggage – They are not the kind of control freaks that older men normally are. – They are less rigid about things. – You can feel chemistry with them almost immediately, and many more.

As your younger man may be challenging to climb up the corporate ladder himself, he is more likely to support your hectic schedule and career preferences than someone who is older and contended. He’ll be less demanding as well. Please keep in mind that not everyone around you will be in agreement with your idea of dating younger men. I say to hell with what others think! All of us have our opinions but you don’t need to budge under someone else’s. You don’t need to live your life to please others and should do whatever you want to make yourself happy. You deserve it!

Following are 4 different types of younger men that you may love to date:

The adorable social climber type – As you’re already firmly established in social circles, a younger guy may want to hook up with you just to take a ride up the social ladder along with you. There is nothing wrong with it as long as you’re kept in the loop and don’t mind this. Keep your beautiful eyes wide open and relish the ride!

Attractive and looking for funding – These type of younger men basically see a sugar momma in you! They are attractive and would love to spend time with you as long as you have the cash to splurge on them. Hey, we women do this all the time with men older than us. The roles are getting reversed and what’s wrong in it! As long as you have the financial resources and don’t mind paying the bill, I don’t see anything wrong in the intimacy.

The sweet young thing types – These men are considerate, sweet, thoughtful and handsome. But, they would like you to take all the important decisions. Such younger men are slightly lacking when it comes to maturity, but they are cute and entertaining enough to hang out with.

Handsome, smart and capable – These younger men will respect you for what you are and respect each one of your accomplishments and qualifications. They’d be willing to learn from you and often turn to you for inputs and advices. Younger women who date older men also seek power, wisdom and knowledge from them. Why wouldn’t you share these traits with some young capable man?!

There are many other types which exist, but these will give you a fair idea of the men you may want to date in the Cougar game. Regardless of the type you date, you are guaranteed to experience a great amount of vibrancy and liveliness in the relationship.

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