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10 Sex myths that are NOT true

sex mythsThere is a whole world of sexual facts out there to be explored but in turn with this comes a lot of fiction through hearsay. From who should instigate sex to the best way in achieving an orgasm. It is time to put a few popular misbeliefs to rest.

It is a man’s job to initiate sex. We are no longer in the caveman era where men actively hunt their woman and drag her back to his cave. Men love to instigate and feel in control but do not wish to always have the burden of initiating sex every time. Every man appreciates his woman lusting after him and gets turned on when a woman takes control. After all sex is 50/50. It is a man and woman’s equal responsibility in a sexual relationship to fulfil your partner’s desires.

You have to have sex in order to be sexy. Sex itself does not always define our sexuality within ourselves. We all have desires and fantasies even when they are not a reality, they still exist. Keeping yourself well groomed, getting regular exercise and treating yourself to new clothes are all ways to make you feel sexy and guess what? None of them count as having sex!

Sex is purely Physical This thought can hold us back from fully enjoying our sexual encounters. Of course the mechanics of sex are in many ways classed as physical but couples who share a strong mental bond often enjoy sex more than those fully fixated on the size of genitalia etc. The brain is the most powerful organ in the body and giving time to explore your thoughts can bring out added intensity and emotion during sex. Learn to free your mind and share your thoughts with your partner to unlock a new level of bonding that could turn into a mind blowing experience every time.

It’s all about looks What we all perceive as physical attractiveness varies and it is true when they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We all like to have sex with what we find beautiful, that is purely natural: but this does not determine how good the sex will be. Anybody can have the ability to feel and give sexual pleasure regardless of physical appearance.

Safe sex is boring The hype surrounding condoms taking away sensation is rather ridiculous. People would have you believe that using a condom takes away all satisfaction for you and your partner. Many people report that they do not feel any difference and only some report they feel a slight lack of sensation and nowadays you can purchase thin or naked condoms that are built strong however keep the sensation. They also give a much added bonus of taking away worry of catching STDs and unwanted pregnancy so you can focus on having a good time. Less worry leads to better sex!

Talking about sex ruins the mystery Learning to be expressive about our sexual desires can heighten passion; there is no reason for it to dampen the fun. Talking about sex is a great way of foreplay, whispering something naughty into your partner’s ear at the breakfast table can be a great turn on to him. A sexy text chat through the day can build up excitement for what is to come later on in the day and guarantee you both more than a good night’s sleep in the boudoir upon an evening.

Sex guarantees love and affection This is not always true. Although many couples enjoy the synergistic harmony of sex and love, sex alone does not guarantee that you or your partner are feeling mutually loved and nurtured with affection. It is human nature to crave love, we all feel lonely at times and we perceive sex as the closest route to obtaining it, the problem here is that sex does not equate love. If you are seeking affection then casual sex is not the way to find it. Hugs and companionship do not require that sex has to be part of the package.

Sex is just like in the movies We may wish for it to be reality but the hard fact is sex is not picture perfect all the time like the movies represent it to be. Comparing your love life to what you see on screen can dampen your spirit and make you feel that your expectations have not been fulfilled. Everything always goes to plan in movies because it has all been scripted and rehearsed over and over. Real life is not so predictable and has its flaws. Embrace this fact and you will enjoy sex more.

Sex is a natural behaviour that comes instinctively Basic instincts vary between human beings, we all have sexual tendencies inside us but we are creatures designed to learn. Explore ways of learning by talking to your partner about sex, experiment in the bedroom and practise over and over. Have no shame in delving into something that is completely natural to share and explore with your husband/boyfriend.

You should not think about sex all the time. WRONG! Thinking about sex is one of the most natural thought processes and a great deal of how we live our lives is subconsciously based around our sexual thoughts and energy. As long as you keep your sexual thoughts to yourself and your partner you are doing no harm. Acting out your sexual desires is also perfectly natural as long as you are not hurting anybody emotionally or physically.

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