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  • Eight Sex Toys From 50 Shades of Grey You Cannot Miss Out On!

    1. Riding Crop "Sweet Sting" I give my hand. Before I realize, he hits me in the heart. He raises his right hand and hits me again. I look and I see desire in his bright eyes. - "We aim to please Miss Steele" - whispers Christian. He walks around, shaking his whip and whips me on my butt. - Like this, Anastasia? – He asks me - Yes He whips me again in my ass. This time it hurts. - "Yes, what?" - "Yes Sir" The most BDSM at its best; technology developed it to incite the beasts of…

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  • Your Sexual Life Throughout Each Decade of Your Life

    All you need to know about sexual health decade by decade, a guide on fertility, contraception and satisfaction with your partner. (image) "Every sexual stage has its characteristics. For youth, with or without experience, is much endowed with youthful vigor. In adulthood the refinement of each other’s body language. At the elderly stage, the privilege of tenderness, a fine touch and the delicacy reserved for the experts goes to the victor. Sexual pleasure never ends, and it never should.…

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  • Eleven Excellent Ways to Spice Up Your Love Life in Winter 2015

    (image) You and your partner have been living together for several years, and in general you both seem to be satisfied. However, maybe something is lacking in the relationship: the slow long lasting kisses, the fiery glances and spontaneous visits to the bedroom have become a thing of the past. Over time, your love life has become monotonous; passion has cooled into a warm display of affection. It is nothing serious, of course, but you may find it a tad boring. Several experts on the subject…

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  • 2015: The Hottest Sexual Fetishes for Couples This Year

    All About Sexual Fetishes for Couples Sexual fetishes are the desire for objects or body parts that help increase sexual pleasure. The best known is the foot fetish (Podophilia), which also has a variant that centers on high heels. In a stable relationship, fetishes can give us an element that helps us get out of our routine, so that way we can test various fetishes with our partner. However, we must always be careful and always try these fetishes with limitations so that they will not become…

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  • The Most Popular Toys on the Market

    (image) A woman poses at an erotic festival where all sorts of sex toys are on display. Seven out of ten erotic toys sold worldwide are vibrators. Almost all (except the Chinese balls and cock rings) are more or less in a phallic shape. Some are more obviously penis shaped than others. We asked three flagship stores what erotic sex toys are preferred by the public. Continue reading…

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  • Sex Toys: Accessories for your sex life!

    What are sex toys? Considered a supplement that can help your sex life, so it doesn’t become monotonous. Both partners can find various forms of excitement and entertainment. Remember that sex should be a fun experience for the benefit of its participants. (image) hand cuffs Continue reading…

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  • Vibrators: What you always wanted to know but never had the courage to ask

    (image) BMS Swan Vibrators I could say that this is one of the side effects of a midlife crisis that overtook me a few years before it should have, but I would be lying. The truth is that the idea of buying a holiday-erotic-toy vibrator/dildo/ has been in my head for years. However, as it is in one's nature to procrastinate, I've been letting it go for years by boycotting my desire to experiment with the unknown based on picturesque excuses. What If my mother were to find it in my nightstand…

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  • Top 10 Sex Toys that Every Man and Woman Should Have and Use.

    Although many venture out to buy one of the many sexual enhancers that are around in the marketplace, it never hurts to have a little guide to help guide you right to you or your partner’s ideal needs. (image) fleshlight launchpad Continue reading…

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  • The Definitive Guide on How to Use a Vibrator

    An entire army of specialized electronic lovers willing to take you all the way to ecstasy, you just have to choose the right one for you. (image) Avril in the bath with a toy (not a vibrator though!) Continue reading…

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  • Loving Relationships And Sex Toys

    Adding a sex toy to a relationship can be a great way to increase the intimacy and spice things up. Let's face it, after a while the stresses of everyday life can take a toll of your relationship, especially in the bedroom, and a sex toy is a great way to make your sex life feel like it did at the start of the relationship. Even if your sex life is fun and exciting a sex toy can still be a great addition. Continue reading…

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