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If you have beer and a couple of friends then you have all you need to play the Beer Game. Play it again and again because it's never the same, especially after a few beers. The Beer Game is one of many novelty adult board and card games available. Create more intimate and enjoyable experiences whether it’s between lovers in the bedroom or friends at the bar. It is a card game that is easy to follow and comes with a pack of 52 playing cards. There’s a full set of rules included, and you'll want to keep them handy, mostly to settle disputes as the night goes on. A single deck is well suited for anywhere from two to six players, and adding another deck will allow you to play with up to 12 players easily. As time goes on if you lose a card or two, it won't affect the game. You can always write up your own questions to add to the game with a few added wildcards from a regular deck. Put the pack in your pocket and you can take them with you to a party or the pub, keeping the game going, and providing a great way to make some new friends at the bar. Be prepared to hear a few things you might not have wanted to know with questions that expose their deepest and funniest secrets. There are cards that test for general knowledge of vital information such as the names of cartoon dogs and types of liquor. You can nail your friends with more drinks or steal them from them, all the while testing your friends’ tolerance levels and knowledge under pressure. It's not about who wins, but if it's you you'll be able to assign lots of drinks to all the other players. You never know where the game will lead, and shuffling the cards will produce a whole new round of results. Show off your extensive knowledge of useless trivia while trying to drink your friends under the table, or at least make them drink as much as you do.

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