Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pump

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HX-30-AB, HX-30-BR, HX-30-CC, HX-30-Extreme, Hydromax HX-40-AB, Hydromax HX-40-BR, Hydromax HX-40-CC, HM-40-X-CC, HM-20-AB, HM-20-BR, HM-20-CC


The Hydromax-X series from Bathmate has been heralded as the next stage of hydro pumping and with it boasts a new and improved design that will have you seeing even faster and larger results. It works in the water of your shower and bath to give you a noticeable increase in the length of your penis and the girth as well as provide you with some wonderfully firm and strong erections. It durable design comes with a two year warranty and guaranteed results! New materials have been added to the Hydromax series which includes this X30 version and the larger X40. The design has been tweaked from Bathmate's original hydro pump to give you even more room to grow along with a swivel action system so you can get a view from all angles. Added to the design are some new super soft and cushy comfort pads that will have you experiencing a tighter seal that results in less pumping and almost no suction loss while feeling amazingly sensual. And the most crucial new design element that Bathmate has added to the Hydromax-X series; a super flow latch valve to control the flow of water that leaves the pump. It lets you fill your pump with only one hand, leaving the other free while it holds pressure for longer and helps keep you from over pumping. On the side of the transparent blue cylinder is a clearly marked measuring guide that gives you both metric and imperial measurements so you can keep track of your progress and in a scale you are familiar with.
The Hydromax-X collection of penis pumps from Bathmate gives you faster results when using it compared to their first generation of pumps and even provides as much as 35% more suction force. It works with increased efficiency over air pumps by using the added pressure water can provide in your bathtub or shower to increase the length of your penis as well as the girth and give you a harder, stronger erection while optimising your sexual health. It only takes 15 minutes per session and is an easy an enjoyable way to work your penis into better shape. There's an added comfort factor that comes from using the Hydromax X-30, and X-40, too because of the soft comfort pads that also work to provide a good seal. A new super flow latch valve controls the flow of the water leaving the Hydromax and lets you use this pump one handed. You'll also be able to swivel the pump around while it is on the penis to get a full view. Bathmate has also added new materials to this pump and that has given them the ability to design a new bellows system that will stand up over time while adding some needed flexibility so you can get better suction without too much effort. Made from specially selected skin-safe, phthalate-free medical grade materials and even dermatologically tested by world renowned Aspen Clinical Research to ensure that the Hydromax is safe to use at the sensitive genital area.

Manufacturer SKU
HX-30-AB, HX-30-BR, HX-30-CC, HX-30-Extreme, Hydromax HX-40-AB, Hydromax HX-40-BR, Hydromax HX-40-CC, HM-40-X-CC, HM-20-AB, HM-20-BR, HM-20-CC




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Amazing results

review by Max W (posted on 1/03/2016)

Was very unhappy with the size of my penis and have considered everything from pills to actual surgery. I just don't want to put something in my body, or have to pay big bucks for something I wasn't even sure would work. When I heard about this pump I figured it was worth a try. I used it for the time it said, 15-20 minutes a day and did it in the shower cause it seemed easiest. After only 2 weeks there was a noticeable difference in both length and girth. I've also noticed that I can last a lot longer in the sack too.


Feeling good now

review by Archie C (posted on 1/03/2016)

I take the HydroMax into the shower with me because you need water to use it. In 15 minutes I'm done and I'm seeing real results. I know I sound like an infomercial, but I just can't believe that this actually works. And that it's so easy to use.

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