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The largest penis pump that you can buy, it's even larger than Bathmate's infamous Hercules enlarger by 30%. The Goliath is no small pump, and it offers gains of up to five inches. Produced in response to the demand for a larger version of the Hercules, it's a favourite of the adult industry whose better hung stars use it to enhance the size and performance of their erection before shooting a scene.
Easy to use and harnessing the power of water, the Bathmate design is an innovative style of pump that's designed for the guy that's already fairly well hung but still wants to get bigger and stay extra hard for making love. It's a hydrotherapy system that was originally designed to help athletes recover from sports shrinkage after training.
The penis is made of several chambers and becomes erect when the large tunnels of the penis fill with blood. The Goliath works on the principle of enlarging and strengthening those tunnels so that more blood can fill the erectile tissue. Like body building for your penis, the Bathmate Goliath will strengthen and enlarge your penis and after a few weeks of use you'll really notice a difference. First in thickness, then in length and both flaccid and erect states will show off the fantastic results. After a single use you'll notice an immediate result that lasts for a short time, making it a perfect tool to use before intimacy with a partner, and a great tool for those that have difficulty obtaining an erect state. The Goliath will help you show off a pumped up state and slipping a cock ring over your pumped up erection will help keep it there. However it's with continuous and regular use that the Goliath shows its true long lasting results. After a period of one to three months of using the device for 15 minutes a day most men experience results that boast a gain of at least one to two centimetres in length.
Designed to be used with water it's best to use the Hercules in the bath or shower where you can spend a few minutes relaxing in the warm water before use. it will work best with repeated inflation and deflation over a 15 minute time period, and more detailed instructions are included in the box.
The Goliath is the premium tool for large sized guys that want to get even bigger and sport rock hard erections in the sack. Easy to use and extremely effective, Bathmate pumps have helped over 200 000 men experience lasting gains and can help you go from big to jumbo.

Manufacturer SKU


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