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Basix Dong Classic

Dildos & Strapons

Basix Dong Classic

$104.95 $24.95

Dildos & Strapons

Basix Dong Classic

$104.95 $24.95

Basix Dong With Suction Cup

Dildos & Strapons

Basix Dong With Suction Cup

$34.95 $29.95

2 Item(s)


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Basix Rubber Worx

Superior quality and fun dildos from Basix Rubber Worx

When it comes to choosing adult sex toys, choosing the right brand every bit as important as choosing the right toy to compliment your sex life. High quality products are the key to making the most out of your sexy time and spicing up your bedroom (or office, or bathroom) adventures. Adult toys are a wonderful way to experiment and enjoy you or your partner’s bodies – why not do it with a brand you love? Basix Rubber Worx by Pipedream Products has been a major innovator in the adult toy industry, with its commitment to quality materials and expert craftsmanship.

As a best-selling line of adult sex toys, Basix Rubber Worx has focused its sights on dominating the market. The brand sprung from the creators over at Pipedream Products, which is the parent company of a number of high-quality sex toy brands, including Liberator and Pump Worx. Basix Rubber Worx has established itself as a brand leader with its line of high-grade dildos, vibrators, strap-ons, and anal toys. The company is focused on delivering the absolute best in the industry of pleasure, and its line of toys can testify to its quality.

Basix Rubber Worx aims at setting the standard in exceptional adult toys. Their sex toys are created with maximum gratification in mind. The toys are designed to shake things up, and keep you on your toes. With fine attention to detail, down to texture and craftsmanship, their line is created to get the job done. Making things a little bit spicier in the bedroom has never been easier with a sex toy line that encourages playfulness and experimentation. Whether by yourself or with a partner (or multiples), you’re sure to find a toy from Basix Rubber Worx that’ll knock your socks off.

All of their toys are manufactured using high-grade materials, making them hypo-allergenic and safe to use. Easy to clean, easy to disinfect, and easy to transport, Basix Rubber Worx has designed a line of sex toys that make people want to keep coming back for more. When something makes it this easy to make you feel this good, it’s hard to see how it wouldn’t become a fast favourite.

One of the best features of the Basix Rubber Worx line is its affordability. The price points for the sex toys are established around affordability and accessibility. It’s no fun if everyone can’t have some, and Basix Rubber Worx understand that reasonable prices means that everyone can have a piece of the pie. When it comes to titillating teases and g-spots, no one should be left in the lurch just because their pockets fell short. The line offers something for everyone in terms of price, pleasure and proclivities. The company is aimed at continuing its success in the industry with further advancements in the field of sexual ecstasy, which is an admirable endeavour. If for nothing else, Basix Rubber Worx is making the world a better place one orgasm at a time.


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