Authentic Reaction Dong 8.5 In. Flesh Dong W/Scrotum W/Suction Cup

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Keep playtime feeling like the real thing and lose yourself in the fantasy of making love to a large sized penis. With a shape, feel, and look from balls to tip like the real thing, this dong keeps the experience from feeling like playtime and more like lovemaking. Though it does add a special extra touch that you won't find in a real penis, strong vibrations that make your play extra intense! And while the Authentic Reaction Dong may feel just like the real thing you'll still have complete control whether you keep it in your hand, stuck the wall, or secured into your harness.
Made from a flesh toned silicone it has a touch that's virtually indistinguishable from skin. It also has the same supple feel of a real erection, keeping this dong at just the right balance between a firm, hard feel and flexible comfort. Enhancing the natural feel significantly is silicone's ability to retain heat from its surroundings. It will quickly warm up inside your hot body and with some good water-based lubricant will slide in and out with a slick and realistic feel. The silicone material has been based on an actual penis and handmade to ensure that every ridge, bulge, and vein is accurately represented in both dimension and look and has even been hand painted.
Located in this fleshy dong is a strong vibrator that's controlled by a detachable, wired remote. With a slide of the button on the remote you can change between three speeds and experience the effects instantly. Because silicone is such a good conductor of vibration you'll be able to feel each rumbling buzz from the tip down through the thick shaft.
A full scrotum adds a fantastically convincing touch and keeps this big cock from slipping too deep during anal penetration, plus they feel fantastic banging up against you when you stick it to the wall using the suction cup at the bottom. Any flat surface like a headboard, mirror, or chair will do, and it will let you ride this thick, veiny dildo hands free. You'll also be able to use the Authentic Reaction Dong for some true to life strap on play, held in place in the O-ring of your harness by the round suction cup.
With over 21 cm of a thick erection to play with you'll want to use some good quality lube to prevent drag if your play is ongoing, but make sure that it's only water-based as silicone products may damage this particular material.

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