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When you're working on lengthening your penis with an Andropenis Gold Enlarger you want to make sure that it's in top working order so you can get benefit fully from its design. Working to add length and even correct penile curvature, the Andropenis makes use of traction, the same medical principal used in plastic surgery methods, to apply a gently force to the penis with a comfortable support system. This pain free and non intrusive process will only work if the Andropenis is in good working order, and since it is worn for long periods at a time while you go about your daily routine you'll want to make sure that all the parts fit together right for maximum comfort. The results from using the Andropenis Gold from the Andromedical company are amazing, but you'll only be able to see them if you're device is in proper working order. Whether you're using the Andropenis to straighten out a curved penis or add some extra length you'll need to make sure that the device fits properly with the right amount of tension. Since the device uses traction along a principle similar to those used in both plastic surgery and many cultures that practice body shaping, it won't work properly if there isn't the right amount of pull on the spring, and without the screw to secure it that spring won't stay in place or provide the right amount of give. Replacing that screw will be easy by ordering this specialised Gold Screw replacement part. Not only will it fit perfectly, but unlike screws from the hardware store this gold screw is polished and smooth so it's safe if it comes into contact with your body. Give yourself the full benefit of the traction provided by the Andropenis Gold by making sure that the right replacement parts are used and ensure that the device works seamlessly to give you the results you want. For best results when you use the Andropenis Gold every part should be in good working order. Despite impeccable craftsmanship and high quality materials the way the Andropenis is worn for long periods while you go about daily business means there is an increased potential for something to go wrong or parts to malfunction. Thankfully it doesn't. When you've spent the money on the Andropenis Gold you'll want to make sure that it stays in good working order. Despite best intentions and care it's possible that this high end enlargement device can break or need a replacement part, after all it is worn for long periods of time during the day while you move around, creating lots of opportunities for it to bang up against something or even just wear out. Because this device uses the principles of traction to add length and correct curves of the penis, there is some strain put on the components. When one of them wears down and stops functioning properly then it means that the rest of the enlarger won't function properly either. To ensure that isn't the case it's important to diagnose any problems immediately and ensure that any worn parts are immediately replaced. Although some screws and bars may be found in acceptable sizes at hardware stores it is doubtful that they will be polished as smooth as they are for the Andropenis and the wood they're safe for isn't the one at your crotch. When it's the Gold Threaded Bar that you need to replace it will be especially doubtful you'll find what you need at the local store, luckily we have these hard to find separate parts here, and so you can find what you need when you have to make a quick fix to your Andropenis Gold. When you're using the Andropenis extender to increase your size or even to straighten out your shaft it needs to be working properly with tension evenly distributed with matching sized rods. The Large sized Rod for the Andropenis is a crucial element to making sure that the device works properly. The enlargement device from Andromedical uses the principals of traction to correct curvatures and increase the length of the penis. It will only work if all the parts are in working order and with a device that's worn next to the body for long periods of time there is an increased opportunity for parts to wear down and need replacement. The Rod works to ensure that the traction and tension is well balanced on each side, so it's important that you have matching rods that fit in perfectly to your device. This Large 4cm Rod is the largest size rod available and ideal for when you just want to replace one part instead of spending money on an entire package or replacements as they are often sold. Get what you need and only what you need with the Andropenis Large 4cm Rod and fit it into your Andropenis enlarger easily so you can get back to stretching out and straightening that penis! For men wishing to avoid surgery and medications to increase the size of their penis or even straighten out curvature, the Andropenis Extender is a scientifically proven method that gets real results. It uses the principles of traction that have not only allowed many cultures to shape their bodies with discs at the neck, ears, and lips, but is used in plastic surgery methods. An important part of that traction involves the usage of special metal shafts that hold the device in the correct position and apply the needed tension. These metal shafts are made of surgical aluminum and are each easily replaced when a shaft becomes worn out or you wish to move to a larger or smaller size. This Medium 2cm Rod fits easily into the Andromedical device to provide just the right amount of pull. You'll need to make sure that the rods on each side of the shaft match and that all the parts are in good working order. Because you wear the Andropenis for four to nine hours a day there's lots of opportunity for the parts to wear down so make sure to replace them as needed and continue to enjoy the visible results that using the Andropenis Extender delivers. The AndroPenis from Andromedical is a medical device that works to exert an adaptive and gradual traction force on the penis. It is extremely effective and a great alternative to expensive and potentially dangerous surgery or pills and proven to have long lasting results especially in comparison to cheaper vacuum style pumps. Thousands upon thousands of satisfied customers around the world have experienced bigger and better erections thanks to this amazing lengthening and straightening system, and although this system is of the highest quality the frequent use that it requires can mean that certain parts can become damaged over time. It's important that your device and all of its parts are kept in top notch condition so that you can continue to enjoy the scientifically proven effect of your device. The plastic base ring is the first thing you'll feel as your AndroPenis extender is placed over the penis and it needs to feel comfortable and secure without any cracks or wear that can alter the fit. This replacement plastic base ring is made of synthetic POM material, which cannot be affected by fluids such as alcohol, making it especially easy to clean. Keep your extender in top notch shape and continue to enjoy its incredible results by immediately replacing parts that show any wear and tear. It has been shown that the longer you can wear your AndroPenis device from AndroMedical the greater the results will be. However, as superior a devise as the AndroPenis extender is, sometimes the extended wear just isn't comfortable. The silicone tubing that fastens the glans, the head of the penis, to the AndroPenis device can end up rubbing and feeling uncomfortable after a long period of time despite the extremely soft feel of silicone. To improve the comfort factor and allow you to wear this device for longer periods all you need to do is fit one of these cushioned foam tubes is around them. With the AndroTop around the AndroSilicone bands you'll have extra comfort when using your AndroPenis for long periods of time. This will make it easier to wear your device while walking, lying down, or sitting, without having to remove it and interrupt your treatment. Your device will remain discreet and comfortable as you work to increase your length, help correct penile curvature and Peyronie's disease, and recover from urological post surgery. The simple addition of these protective foam cushions can allow you to wear your AndroPenis extender for up to the recommended nine hours each day depending on the type of treatment you've selected. When you're using the Andropenis extender you'll be able to see visible results that include a thickening and lengthening of the shaft, plus an overall straightening effect. But if a part stops working, even something as small as a little screw, it's not going to work properly, being unable to provide the proper tension and traction that the device relies on. Based on the principles that have allowed many cultures across the world to shape their necks, ears, and lips, as well as methods used in plastic surgery, the Andropenis uses traction to gently stretch out the penis and force new cell growth. Without the proper parts working in conjunction then the Andropenis won't function at its full potential, especially if enough traction isn't applied. This can happen easier than you think due to the nature of the device it's worn for up to nine hours at a time against your body while you continue to go about daily routines giving lots of opportunity to wear out. This special Andropenis Screw is perfectly sized to fit in your device and made with a hygienic, highly polished surgical aluminum that's body-safe. You won't find anything like it at the hardware store and you'll want to make sure that all the parts that could touch your skin are hygienic and smooth. The beauty of the Andropenis extender is that it can grow with you as you increase in both length and girth. Relying on age old methods of traction that are used in today's modern plastic surgery techniques the Andropenis gently stretches out the penis in order to initiate new cell growth. To get the best results you'll need a rod on either side of the supportive structure that are sized to fit. The rods come in four different sizes and this small sized 0.5 cm rod is actually not the smallest size as there is one below it, but it is generally the ideal size to begin with. Should one wear out or become lost you'll need to ensure that it is replaced so you can enjoy the full benefits of your extender. Each of the rods are made of pure surgical grade aluminum to ensure that their contact with your most intimate and sensitive areas are without irritation and their highly polished, smooth surface won't rub you the wrong way. These rods make it easier to wear the enlargement system throughout the day and are a breeze to switch out and replace. The rods placed on either side of the Andropenis Extender Penis Enlargement System provide the right amount of traction to help increase both the length and the thickness of both the flaccid and erect penis. They are crucial to getting good results with your device and if one becomes misplaced or worn out it is imperative that it be replaced in order for you to enjoy your device. This Smallest 0.3 Cm Rod is suited for men who have the most to grow and will easily fit in to the Andropenis Extender. Each rod is made with surgical grade aluminum material which means that they are safe for any contact with your body with a superior hygienic non-porous surface that will inhibit bacterial growth, a key factor with a device that is worn against your skin for up to 9 hours at a time. The aluminum is also polished smooth and with its further hypoallergenic properties it's not going to irritate skin when it makes contact. The Andropenis Extender will only work properly when correctly sized rods are used, so make sure you get the results you'll hoped for by wearing the device with the proper sized components and gradually work up through the four sizes of rods. Providing the perfect amount of tension and tug on the shaft is what makes the Andropenis Enlargement System so effective, and you'll only be able to do that with the spring that comes with the kit. However, as this device is used for up to nine hours a day and with a fair bit of pull on its components so it can work with the traction necessary for providing the essential traction, components can wear out and need replacing. The screw that comes with the kits is one such part that will be prone to wearing out as it can experience a lot of pull on its length. Thought the parts are all high quality, including the spring which is made of flexible surgical grade aluminum, it's still possible that the constant strain will cause them to work less effectively. If the spring isn't working at full capacity then you won't be able to experience full traction, and as a result you'll be using the Andropenis device without experiencing the full benefits, and that could add up to a lot of wasted time! Make sure you get the best results by replacing the spring and keeping a good pull on your penis. The Andromedical Andropenis enlargement system uses a non-surgical solution to penis enlargement that will affect its length and girth in both the flaccid and erect state with scientifically tested and proven, safe methods. The device needs to be worn for an extended period during the day up to nine hours at a time, and to ensure that it is comfortable the design of the Andropenis includes an Upper Plastic Support. It holds the penis in position to ensure that the traction applied along the length can be fully effective. The flexible and soft Upper Plastic Support is a pliable way to make sure that you get the best results by keeping you in the optimum position, something you know all too well wouldn't happen without its presence as the Andropenis is worn for long periods at a time. Because of this there is lots of opportunity for parts like the supple Upper Plastic Support to wear out and stretch out of shape, and consequently need replacing. To ensure that your penis augmentation or straightening with this device from Andromedical's urological laboratories works properly it's important to put in a new one and get back to promoting some fantastic new cell growth to thicken and lengthen you up.

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