American Bombshell B-10

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Doc Johnson
Doc Johnson
Manufacturer SKU
0270-07-CD, 0270-11-CD, 0270-36-CD


The B-10 collection of dildos is available in three different types and shapes:
Torpedo - Get ready for an extreme and almost violent release of energy when you play with the B-10 Torpedo from American Bombshell. It's the perfect design that you'll never want to propel from the cosy torpedo tube between your legs. This is a heavyweight class torpedo, designed to have the most devastating effect, and its large size is not for the beginner, but so much fun it's definitely something to aim for. It's enlarged, phallic head and smooth shaft end at a round base and is designed to hit its target and deliver its explosive force with almost military precision. It's easy to position without any special equipment, no submarines are needed here, but just like most torpedo's it can delivered underwater, and it should be used with plenty of lubrication. Your hand will do and will fit comfortably around the 6.2 centimetre diameter. This weapon of mass destruction is made from highly sensual PVC material that will flex with your body to accommodate your contours, yet remain firm enough to be able to enjoy its large size. Prepare yourself for the scorching heat and rippling shockwaves that will course through your body as a result of using this the B-10 Torpedo Gun Metal.
Warhead - This American Bombshell B-10 Warhead is going to make you detonate on contact as its massive size makes contact with its target. At a whopping 25 centimetres long and a wide 6.5 cm diameter this Warhead has more than enough juice to take down all of your defenses. Its triple ribbed head is tapered to strike its target with military precision while the sensation of each rib against your body will send shockwaves throughout. It's easy to grip on to the base as the long shaft provides you with plenty of room, but the blast zone from this device is going to be huge, so grab on and prepare. Lube up before play with plenty of your favourite brand - silicone, oil, or water based lubricants are all compatible. This large Warhead is going to destroy you and split you apart if you're not ready for it, and you're going to love every minute of it. Despite its overwhelming size the B-10 Warhead is silky smooth and soft because it is made from a flexible PVC material that feels plush yet remains firm throughout play. Keep it clean between uses and go slowly as this is not a toy for beginners.
Missile - Have you been looking for the ultimate in deeply penetrative excellence? Then the American Bombshell B10 Missile will leave you begging for mercy and more. Slick and cool in design and nothing short of daring in its size, this is a toy for those who truly enjoy adventures into extreme stretching. How far are your limits? With its amazing seven inch length and a thick circumference nearly equal to that of a coffee mug, this toy is will test your limits, no matter what you're trying to fill. Shaped like a massive bullet, the American Bombshell B10 Missile makes an easy, smooth entrance, then proceeds to take over the whole stage. Whether you're looking for a supremely heroic vaginal experience, or a bit of magnificently expansive back door play, this toy will not let you down. This is a serious toy. It's a brutal, thrilling toy. It is a toy that takes no prisoners, and you will be crying out of surrender and surprise. If you can conquer the American Bombshell B10 Missile, nothing else will ever satisfy. So what do you think? Are you brave enough to really see how much you can take? Rest assured, this toy will bring the true test.

Doc Johnson
Manufacturer SKU
0270-07-CD, 0270-11-CD, 0270-36-CD



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He loves to watch

review by William S (posted on 1/03/2016)

My boyfriend is a bit jealous of this toy in my box, and I can't say I blame him. Ever since I bought it, I have to get it out when we're together because its just so fulfilling!


Blows me away!

review by Andy R (posted on 1/03/2016)

I wanted something a little different than some of the larger toys you see on the market. This was absolutely jaw-dropping from the very first time I laid my eyes on it and it still takes my breath away. You can't appreciate the size and amazing girth of this from just the photo here. The head on this is ridiculously big. It's smooth and that's very helpful when you're taking on something this thick. I love the colour too it's so hard-core. This is beyond large!

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