Adonis Silicone Ring

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California Exotic Novelties | Cock Rings | Cock Rings & Enhancers
California Exotic Novelties
Manufacturer SKU
SE-1368-10-2, SE-1368-15-2, SE-1368-25-2, SE-1368-35-2


Wearing this simple cock ring around your erection will have you feeling like the Titan Atlas himself. He was a giant and so was his erection; something you'll experience too when you wear this stretchy ring during sex. Atlas, besides being larger than life, was also known for his endurance, holding up the celestial spheres for all eternity, and though you don't need to last that long yourself you'll certainly feel capable with this ring around you.
From the Adonis Silicone Rings collection from California Exotic Novelties this textured black ring is capable of providing some amazingly effective results. Fitting snugly around the base of the erection, or stretched out further to include the testicles for a heightened effect, the ring acts to restrict the blood flow exiting the penis, thereby helping to maintain a firmer erection for a longer period of time.
The experience this simple ring provides is definitely otherworldly, and it's something that both you and your partner will benefit from. Not only will they love experiencing that fuller, longer lasting erection, but also with every thrust inside them you make the textured outside of the ring will rub them in all the right ways.
The premium grade silicone material is guaranteed with its hypoallergenic property to keep your skin irritation-free and can be used with any water-based lubrication to ensure it slips on easily. Wear it alone or over a condom where it will help your protection stay in place without slipping.
Living up to its name the cock ring is super strong and wearing it will make you feel like you are half a Greek God. Giving you an erection that Hercules himself would be jealous of and the stamina to match, this stretchy and super strong ring will make you feel larger than life while performing in the sack.
As part of California Exotic Novelties' special Adonis Silicone Ring collection it is made with a high-end silicone material that can stretch to fit even large sized men with comfort. As an added bonus the silicone is hypoallergenic so its presence will not irritate you or your partner's skin, plus it possesses a non-porous surface that discourages bacterial growth, helping you keep it safely hygienic.
With the ring in place the flow of blood leaving the erection is decreased and the result is a firm, rigid erection with added stamina so you and your lover can fully enjoy it. Plus as an added bonus for both of you the ring is ribbed at four evenly spaced intervals, providing a pleasurable massage with every thrust.
This stretchy black ring is simple to use and stylish to wear, but it is the improved feel and duration of your erection that you will really admire it for. And to further your appreciation the silicone can be easily cleaned with soap and water and even sterilised in boiling water or the top rack of the dishwasher.
Choose from the three different models, Atlas, Hercules or Caesar.

California Exotic Novelties
Manufacturer SKU
SE-1368-10-2, SE-1368-15-2, SE-1368-25-2, SE-1368-35-2


Pure silicone


3 cm (diameter)


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