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Storage Bags and Boxes

Storage Bags and Boxes are as essential to any sex toy collection as the toys themselves. They make it easy to keep toys organised and find at a moment's notice as well as keep all the essentials nearby. Lockable chests, satin bags, storage disguised as something else, there's a better way to store those expensive sex toys than stuffing them into a bedside drawer.

There are several important reasons for storing toys properly, such as the need for silicone toys to be stored separately from each other. Anyone with a silicone sex toy loves how soft and plush they feel, but that sensation will be lost upon continued contact with other silicone products like lubricants and other toys, so keeping them away from each other is essential. Separate compartments in a designated toy box, or storage in a lint-free pouch is the preferred storage method and will help ensure that you can enjoy that toy for a long time.

For those with young children at home they know the value of keeping certain things out of reach, and nothing is more enticing to little ones than those brightly coloured, vibrating toys. Keep their prying eyes and hands off by storing toys in a lockable chest. Available in a range of sizes to suit small, growing, or extensive sex toy collections, these lockable chests, cases, and boxes will keep toys away not only from toddlers, but also from nosy guests too!

Some chests lock with a key while others offer the convenience of being able to pick your own personalised number combination to unlock it. Inside most boxes feature separate compartments to allow for easy separation and organisation of toys as well as a great place to keep items like massage oils, lubrications, and condoms.

Keeping toys properly stored will ensure that dust and debris doesn't settle into parts, disabling motors, and giving you more to clean up before you can begin to play. It helps keep toys in prime condition and alleviates some of the danger that your toddler will come running in to your next dinner party brandishing a vibrator in one hand and a whip in the other.