10-Function PureSkin

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California Exotic Novelties
California Exotic Novelties
Manufacturer SKU
SE-0293-01-3, SE-0292-01-3


With a look and feel that's just like the real thing, these two Pure Skin vibrators make every touch absolutely thrilling. Both the Bendie and the Stud are fabulously flexible, fully detailed, and vibrate with ten different possible vibration patterns. They're also waterproof and easy to care for, making these vibrating dildos the perfect substitute when the real thing isn't close by.
California Exotics special Pure Skin material is an innovative dual density material, so it retains a firm feel underneath a plush exterior, just like a real erection. Its touch is soft and silky and truly the closest thing you'll feel to that of a real penis. Not only is it smooth and velvety, but it is also wonderfully elastic and pliable, always retaining its shape while it adapts to your body's unique inner contours. And best of all you'll love how these dildos warm up to match your body heat. The temperature receptive Pure Skin absorbs heat from its surroundings and this leaves you lots of possibilities for adding temperature play to your experience by placing your toy in some cold or hot water before use.
A waterproof design makes it possible to not only cool or heat these vibes but also means you can play with them in the bath or shower and even makes cleaning up before and after use a whole lot easier. Clean with soap and water, and when dry dust with a bit of corn-starch to prevent the material from becoming tacky.
Adding to the fantastic feel of both these vibrators is the amazingly powerful motor contained inside near the tip. It's controlled by an EZ push button at the base that enables easy cycling through ten different functions that will make the Bendie or the Stud vibrate steadily, with pulsating beats, or escalating patterns. A separate on/off button allows for endless cycling through functions without stopping stimulation, while a built in memory chip retains the last function used and resumes it upon start up.
The Bendie is a popular vibe for its ability to bend completely while the Stud is a favourite for its thick shaft and testicle shape at the base that adds extra massage and makes it safe for anal play. But both are plush and easy to care for, and extremely powerful, and you'll only need two AA batteries to run them.

California Exotic Novelties
Manufacturer SKU
SE-0293-01-3, SE-0292-01-3



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A good battery operated vibrator

review by Katie W (posted on 1/03/2016)

I was attracted to the realistic look and shape of this vibrator and the head on this is optimal for me. I always like the vibrators with more settings. 10 is good enough for me. The material this is made up of is pretty realistic looking and compared to my more expensive toys this one is still very fun. We'll sometimes have some three-way fun at home and I like having some extra toys around but I don't necessarily want to bring out the really expensive ones. This is the best of both worlds. I get quality I look for but at the same time it's reasonably priced and I don't need to worry as much about someone making off with it.


Soft, kissable and satisfying

review by Carrie T (posted on 1/03/2016)

I just love the feel of this vibrating dong. It has a realistic shape and colour that I appreciate. The head on this is so perfect and cute and goes in easy. I can easily control the pulsating vibrations at the base. The balls near the bottom work more as a grip than a simulated set of real man balls. That's didn't stop me from enjoying this toy. The quality is pretty good too. I have to give it good rating for that. I would rather have this than a regular silicone dildo any day of the week.

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