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Gather up your friends and get ready for some silly fun with 1000 Drinking Games. Best described as games within a game, it allows for you and ten friends to play a different game every time. It's ridiculous fun that might have you playing a round of I Never followed by an impersonation of a horse, and you'll never know what's coming next. Great fun for parties or when it's just a few of you, it keeps the conversation flowing as much as the drinks, and you'll all be in stitches as all of you perform and play like never before.
The game starts by picking up the first of ten Concept Cards which will determine the type of drinking game you'll be starting off with. Games might include old favourites like 3 Man and Chug, or games of chance that you'll play with the dice, spinner, or Categories Card. A special Next Round Card will challenge the players while ten plot twist cards will have you all performing crazy stunts like speaking backwards or impersonating an animal.
Full instructions are included in the box along with ten Concept Cards that will ensure you have plenty of ways to start your game off with some fun. There are also ten Plot Twist Cards and ten Next Round Cards, ensuring that the games never get boring and the drinks keep getting tipped back. There are also 11 Numerical Rank Cards, given out to each player, and handy when the cards designate certain player numbers to take a drink or perform a task. And with a full Tongue Twister Card, a Categories Card, and two Chug! Cards, there are plenty for them to do. The game also comes with two standard dice and a spinner for those games of chance.
All you'll have to provide are the drinks and the players, the rest is taken care of by the 1000 Drinking Games. Liven up any party, loosen tongues, and learn a few things about your friends that you never would have dreamed of during a round of I Never. Then show off your best celebrity impressions and bark like a dog to win and make your friends down a shot or chug their beer. It's all your favourite drinking games put together in the one game that never gets dull. It's easy to play, even after you're feeling the effects of those drinks!

Kheper Games
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