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  • Loving Relationships And Sex Toys

    Adding a sex toy to a relationship can be a great way to increase the intimacy and spice things up. Let's face it, after a while the stresses of everyday life can take a toll of your relationship, especially in the bedroom, and a sex toy is a great way to make your sex life feel like it did at the start of the relationship. Even if your sex life is fun and exciting a sex toy can still be a great addition.
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  • How to Store Sex Toys Safely and Discreetly

    You may not think of locking up your sex toy, after all it's not like jewellery and hardly likely to be stolen, but when your 5 year old comes out brandishing it like a light saber at your next dinner party you may just rethink it. In fact there are a ton of reasons to store your toys properly, not least of which being that children think the buzzing and shaking toys are fun. So it's a good idea to keep your toys in a special chest, drawer, or hiding spot where they won't be easily subjected to sticky fingers and prying eyes.
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  • How and Why Straight Men Use Sex Toys

    Every guy loves sex, and playing with a male sex toy is a great way to enhance the experience. But many straight guys get intimidated by the term "sex toy", mistakenly thinking that sex toys are only for women, or gay men. The truth is there is a large range of sex toys for straight men that include masturbation aids and toys to use as a couple.

    Some men even operate under the misconception that a sex toy will make them less of a man, but in reality anything you use that makes your lady orgasm and scream out loud makes you more of a man, not less. So why do straight men use sex toys?

    One main reason is for masturbation. Since puberty guys have been focused on one thing - sex, and naturally they masturbated, some of them constantly. And while the palm of their hand may have done them well for years, there is a better and more enjoyable way. A masturbator, or stroker, can take the place of the hand while still offering complete control. Unlike the palm, a stroker can offer added texture, suction, and an opening in the shape of a vagina like the Fleshlight Girls Jenna Haze Lotus. As an added benefit using a stroker consistently can add to sexual stamina, helping guys to last longer when in bed with a real live woman.

    Some men take masturbation further than jerking off and prefer to use a love doll. These easy to use inflatable dolls can be modelled after a favourite celebrity like J.Lo, and then stored quickly away. They make it easier to get lost in the fantasy and add an exciting element to masturbation.

    Another reason that straight men use sex toys is to enhance their sexual relationship with a partner. Adding a toy can make it fun, and it can be super hot to make her squirm while using a toy on her. The best part is that toys like cock rings will make him squirm too. A cock ring is made to fit around the bse of the penis and will make the erection look larger and feel firmer while helping him hold off on ejaculating. The best models for couples are ones like the premium Lux LX4 or the more inexpensive UP! Dress It Up Neck Tie Teaser Ring which feature a vibrating clitoral attachment that rubs against her with every thrust.

    There's no reason why straight men shouldn't be able to enjoy sex toys as much as anyone else. They make masturbation a lot more fun, and will help spice up a relationship by making her orgasm again and again.

  • How and Why Gay Men Use Sex Toys

    Gay or straight, men love sex, and what makes sex extra fun? Sex toys! And it's never been a better time to be a gay man if you like to use sex toys, because there are lots of fun and exciting new products lining the shelves of the warehouse each and every day made just for the gay male.
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