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  • Blow Up Dolls: Perfect Gift For That Hard To Buy For Guy

    sex nerdWhile blow up dolls have been a staple at bachelor parties for decades, it turns out there are lots of benefits to playing with one of these inflatable dolls. New technologies and materials mean that the dolls can feel incredibly realistic, at least where it counts, and are more durable and sturdy than ever before. Many men are making blow up dolls their sex toy of choice, and though it will likely always remain as a gag gift, it's likely that the large majority of the recipients take that joke gift home and have their way with it.

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  • Top 8 Tips to Enjoy Best Online Dating Experience with Older Men

    sugardaddyMeeting new people every day is a great amount of fun. Dating websites which are focused on older male lovers have given women like you and me an opportunity to meet attractive old men on a regular basis, right from within the comfort of our homes. But just because the process is so easy, you must never let go of your guard and allow your instincts to take over. In this short article, I’ll share with you some very important older men online dating tips, to make the whole experience enjoyable and safer for you. Continue reading

  • 50 Shades Of Kinky

    degradation-play-1086882-TwoByOneWhen the 50 Shades series, by E.L. James was published it quickly became the must-read book for women. Ladies who had never envisioned themselves tied up, much less being spanked and whipped were having difficulty putting it down. The 50 Shades series, while by no means instructional, introduced many women to the idea of introducing bondage and fetish play into the bedroom.

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  • Learning from the Pro's: Everything you Wanted to Know about Sex and the Porn Industry from the Stars Themselves

    mNxewpAxAR6kQhUyGEgTBpwIn the past several years culture has grown to become far more accepting of the adult business, with quite a few of porn's greatest performers finding acting roles and notoriety in mainstream media. It does not end with television and movies, porn's celebrities are additionally writing books; many tend to be tell-all memoirs, and others are filled with tricks and tips to make any love life as brilliant as a porn stars.

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  • How Women Can Take More Control in the Bedroom through Role-playing

    cv-1809710008While the roles of women expand on a seemingly every day basis and they juggle more responsibilities, their sex lives tend to suffer. The good news is that many women are taking back control in the bedroom and finding that using role-playing as a tool can really change how their needs are met.

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